litterally all of my friends are really cool looking and beautiful and i wanna get a nice camera and take pictures of themm with really cool hair n makeup and outfits n props 

i wanna make a comic/zine thing and go a million places and get off my butt and stop feeling worried and sorry for myself all the time 

i wanna get cute stupid new tattoos and make very strong champaign mixed drinks and roll on the ground


  1. annanstans said: That is exactly like what’s going on in my mind/life right now too! I want to do things but its hard to change. We have to let it take its time I think! No stress no press
  2. dirtanddecadence said: Do it up!
  3. spitandtears said: i wanna make a zine of pretty people so badly!!!!! like, who doesn’t want babe eye-candy???
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